The Team

DREP is a full-service strategic communications firm that helps brands and individuals understand, define, and craft their online reputations.

Headquartered in Singapore, the DREP Team is comprised of high-level professionals with a broad range of expertise across communications, public policy and deep-tech.

Adrian Liew

CEO / Co-founder

An avid technologist with a long and decorated career in public service, Adrian has helped to implement numerous digital projects within the government sector. He specialises in the use of social media platforms and new-media technologies in his communications strategies. 

Such an experience provides him with a sharp understanding of a brand or individual’s digital reputation needs, and also puts him on the speed dial of a great number of notable public figures.

Besides being named chief and put in the driving seat of the DREP mobile, steering us toward our shared vision, Adrian is also a talented photographer, a periscope evangelist, a self-taught pianist, a community volunteer, an officer and a gentleman, and the neatest of us all.

Pull yourself together, he’s taken.

Kendrick Tan

CTO / Co-founder

In Kendrick’s world, there are 10 types of people. Those whose grasp of programming language is sublime and those who don’t matter. Kendrick is the reason we are able to quantify reputation today, because while some people are busy giving a problem a name, Kendrick is busy solving it.

Well versed in security, data extraction and machine learning, Kendrick is the brains behind DREP Analytics.

We openly refer to Kendrick as our in-house wizard, our resident tech extraordinaire, and the person most likely to programme a time machine.   

Helder-Eng Xin Hui

CMO / Co-founder

An award-winning and accomplished copywriter, Xin brings to DREP all the experience of a creative who has been involved at just about every milestone of a brand building process, an experience which included her successfully founding and managing her own copywriting and communications lab,

Today, Sugarquoted is a service offering of our strategic communications arm, and Xin is our chief communicator, indispensable to anyone seeking to maintain ongoing conversations with their community.

Alexander Hilton

Senior Consultant / Associate Director

Alex is one of the rare types who genuinely finds joy in, and has a talent for, dissecting and distilling complicated government policies, either calling them out, or turning them into improved pieces of communiqué. For that, people often mistake him as argumentative. But to these people, we say “do better”. Alex is a formidable weapon in our public policy arm, even if he won’t admit that.

With over 15 years in communications, marketing and strategy, Alex has worked in fields as diverse as rail infrastructure, bone marrow transplantation and fintech. He’s popped up countless times on television and radio across Europe and Asia and has written for most major newspapers in the UK, as well as for three major video games. Alex chooses to defy definition. We are proud to have him on board as a communications specialist, as we truly believe that if he didn’t exist, we would have had to invent him.

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