We Are Now

Dear all

DREP Pte Ltd and DREP Foundation Ltd were involved in a dispute in respect of the use of “DREP” in their trade names in Singapore. On 17 August 2018, both parties have entered into an amicable settlement with the intention of co-existing harmoniously under distinct trade names. This settlement is made with no admission of liability. Henceforth, all legal proceedings have been discontinued.

With effect from 19 October 2018, DREP Pte Ltd has changed its name to beknown Pte Ltd.

DREP Foundation Ltd will continue to use its trade name and variations thereof. Its tokens will also continue to be traded exclusively under the name “DREP”. 

For the avoidance of any doubt, beknown Pte Ltd and DREP Foundation Ltd are not related, affiliated or connected in any way.

Yours truly,

Adrian Liew, beknown Pte Ltd, formerly DREP Pte Ltd

Momo Chang and Stephen Xu, DREP Foundation Ltd