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We believe reputation can be measured definitively, a belief which led us to develop DREP Analytics, a proprietary tool to discover, analyse and track your online reputation.

Big Data
We cast a net; trawl, crawl and filter megadata across the internet to offer you a snapshot of your online reputation.

Deep Tech
We artfully and scientifically marry human intelligence with Artificial Intelligence. Above and beyond keyword-checks, DREP Analytics’ smart algorithm is able to detect and contextualise associations at granular detail.


Armed with a clear understanding of your online reputation, we help you step into the role of author as you write your own story. From concept to reality; from idea to implementation, our strategic communications and engagement teams plan and deliver campaigns that cut through to your audiences, offering tailored content, curation, coordination, and measurement.


What is the goal of your reputation management strategy? Whether it is to sell wares, win elections, or inform policy-making, we can leverage your DREP status to propel you to your objectives. From forums to speaking opportunities, round-tables to fireside chats, from publishing white papers, to making news, our experts in marketing, campaigns and public policy can help you to achieve your goals.

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We know – from experience – that discovering, driving, and distinguishing one’s digital reputation can be an overwhelming experience. This is why we set out to work with you, side by side to do so. Come and get acquainted with the team behind DREP.

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DREP's expertise in communications is a welcome change to the conventional manner in which the Town Council communicates with the residents.

Chan Wee LeeSenior Vice President CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd

"The participants gave positive feedback ... They found it very useful, with their key takeaways being the value of having an online presence, the pitfalls associated with social media, ... and the demographics of the social media scene in Singapore."

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy

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